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That Luggage Doesn’t Pass the Sniff Test

Seattle Police Arson/Bomb Squad detectives responded to the King Street Station to investigate a suspicious suitcase this afternoon. 

At approximately 3:58 p.m. a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer’s “bomb dog” alerted on a suitcase that was on a conveyer belt at the Amtrak train station located in the 300 block of South Jackson Street.  DHS called Seattle Police for assistance. 

Patrol officers and Arson/Bomb Squad (ABS) detectives responded to the scene. 

A section of the train station was shut down while officers and detectives conducted their on-scene investigation.  While the luggage didn’t pass the sniff test, the contents surely did.  ABS detectives subsequently determined the suitcase and its contents were harmless (the suitcase nothing but clothing). 

The owners of the suitcase, who were totally cooperative with the investigating officers, were interviewed at the scene and left the station with their suitcase enroute to their destination.