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Officers Arrest Two Teens In Beacon Hill iPhone Snatching

Officers booked two teenage boys into the Youth Service Center last night after they attacked a woman on a Beacon Hill trail and stole her iPhone.

The victim was walking along the Chief Sealth Trail, near Beacon Avenue S. and S. Orcas Street, at about 6:40 pm when she saw a group of four teenagers following her on the trail.

Two of the teens climbed onto a bicycle together and rode up to the woman, who was listening to music on her white iPhone 4s.

The teens tried to snatch the woman’s iPhone out of her hand, but only managed to knock the phone onto the ground.

The teenagers rode off without the phone and the woman kept walking down the trail.

Eventually, she noticed two other teenage boys following her along the trail and took off running.

One of the teens caught up to her, pushed her to the ground, grabbed her iPhone and fled.

The victim walked home and called 911 and was able to give police a good description of the suspects. Officers then spotted two of the teenage suspects near 21st and Orcas.

Officers searched the teens and, wouldn’t you know it, they found a white iPhone 4s in one suspect’s pocket. They asked him about the phone, and he claimed it was his.

However, he could not explain why there were pictures of the victim on his phone.

The victim was able to identify both suspects—a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old—and officers booked them into the Youth Service Center for robbery.