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Sometimes Crimes Solve Themselves

It was just after 2:30 pm when the call came in to 911: A woman had limped into a coffee shop on 3rd Avenue and Washington and said she’d been shot in the leg.

Sirens blared as police and firetrucks rushed the scene and shut down traffic on 4th Avenue as police searched for the gunman.

No one in the coffeeshop had heard a gunshot and the woman couldn’t give officers any description of the suspect, but as medics prepared to take the woman to the hospital, police found the culprit.

The woman had apparently been carrying a kitchen knife in her purse. The knife had fallen out or punctured the bag, gashing the woman’s leg.

The woman was taken to Harborview for treatment.

UPDATE: The knife was in a sheath inside the woman’s bag, and still managed to puncture both the bag and the woman’s leg.