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Detectives Investigating Break-Ins at Lake City, Greenwood Pot Dispensaries

SPD detectives are investigating some reefer badness after burglars broke into two marijuana dispensaries in north Seattle in the last 24 hours.

The first break-in happened at about 1:45 AM Tuesday morning at a dispensary near NE 86th Ave and Lake City Way.

A witness called 911 he heard the dispensary’s burglar alarm ringing and saw four people—dressed in black and wearing masks—running away from the building.

Police arrived and found that the suspects had kicked in the business’s door, but hadn’t stolen anything.

About 24 hours later, around 2:15 on Wednesday morning, police received another report of a burglary at a dispensary on N 87th and Greenwood Avenue N., where officers arrived to the familiar sight of a kicked-in door and the shrill sound of a burglar alarm.

Officers then spotted a masked man sprinting away from the scene, dropping marijuana joints and cash onto the ground as he ran.

Officers lost sight of the masked man after he ran into a greenbelt.

Back at the dispensary, officers found the suspect or suspects had stolen a large-screen TV from inside the business.

As officers were searching the area for the suspect, they found a 16-year-old boy hiding in the backseat of a car parked in a lot near the dispensary.

When officers asked the teen why he was hiding in the back of the car—which smelled strongly of marijuana and happened to have a large screen TV stashed in the back—he said he was waiting for his brother.

Officers impounded the car, identified the 16-year-old, drove him home and released the boy to his father.

Detectives are now investigating whether there’s any connection between the two recent break-ins or a series of other similar burglaries last month.