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Hazmat callout to investigate suspicious packages emitting a “rotten egg” aroma

A Seattle Whole Foods was evacuated after two suspicious packages were found inside the store. Today, just shortly before 1:00 p.m., officers responded to a report of suspicious envelopes left in the Whole Foods Store near Westlake and Denny.  The envelopes reportedly were giving off an aroma like rotten eggs and were seeping an unknown fluid.

Officers arrived on scene and made contact with store security and personnel outside the store.  They stated that they started smelling an aroma like rotten eggs in the store and found an envelope in the produce section giving of the odor.  They also noticed that the envelope was leaking an unknown fluid.  Store security picked up the envelope and took it outside, placing it on the ground.

Officers confirmed the aroma emanating from the envelope as well as the fluid leaking from it.  They also noticed a hand written note on the outside of the envelope. (Details of the note is part of the investigation and will not be released at this time).

Whole Foods personnel informed officers that they had found another envelope in the beverage section of the store and that it had been left in place.  This envelope was emanating the same odor, was leaking fluid and had a note written on the outside as well.

Officers were directed to the second envelope.  They immediately cordoned off that area of the store and safeguarded the location until (SFD) Seattle Fire Department responded.

Multiple SFD units, including their HazMat unit arrived on scene.  The store was evacuated of all customers and employees and the surrounding outside areas were cordoned off.

The Arson and Bomb Squad also responded to the scene and once briefed began their investigation.

Once SFD was able to determine that the substances in both envelopes were not hazardous, they packaged the envelopes and turned them over to officers to be placed into evidence.

The store was turned back over to Whole Foods employees and the scene was reopened to the public.

This is an open and active investigation. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 9-1-1.