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City Seeks to Put “Nuisance” Problems at Club Volume on Mute

After repeated problems at Pioneer Square’s Club Volume, Seattle police and the City Attorney’s office have declared the club a Chronic Public Nuisance.

Since the beginning of the year, police have responded to more than a dozen incidents at Club Volume, including parking lot brawls, and incidents involving lax security, drunken juveniles, passed-out patrons, brawls, and cases of assault and robbery right on the club’s dance floor.

Now, the city is working to force the club’s owners to curb these ongoing issues or face the possible revocation of their business license and fines of up to $25,000.

“The City’s goal has always been to have a safe and successful nightlife industry,” says West Precinct City Attorney’s Office Liaison Sumeer Singla. “However, the City is deeply concerned by ongoing criminal activities at Club Volume. This Chronic Nuisance Declaration provides an opportunity for the City to work with the property and club owners to end criminal activities linked with the club.”

You can click here to read the city’s Chronic Public Nuisance letter.