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Man found hiding in sofa’s storage compartment


A DV assault suspect was arrested after he was found hiding in a sofa storage compartment. This morning, just shortly after 11:00 a.m., officers responded to a DV Assault at an apartment in the 8600 block of Delridge Way SW.  The investigation showed that the victim had been assaulted and had attempted to report the incident to 9-1-1.

While the victim was on the line, making the report, the suspect grabbed the phone away and threw it into the trash can.  The suspect fled before officers arrived.  The victim reported at that time that the suspect had at least three firearms that he kept positioned at various points throughout the apartment.  Two children, ages two and three, were present during the assault. Officers took a report and left the residence.

Two hours later in the day another 9-1-1 call was received from the apartment.  The operator could hear small children then the line disconnected.  The dispatcher called back several times however the calls went unanswered. Officers responded back to the apartment. When the officers arrived, they could hear voices inside but no one answered the door.

Officers saw the “peephole” darken and tried the door.  As the unlocked door was being opened, officers very loudly announced their intent and identification. The door was then pushed closed and locked.

Given the circumstances of the earlier call and the reported presence of firearms it was decided that the apartment would be contained and a SWAT callout would be initiated.

Shortly after the call was placed for SWAT, the female resident opened the door and came out with her children.  She told officers that the suspect was not there but her demeanor said otherwise.

Officers entered the apartment to clear it and did not find the suspect.  A sectional sofa in the living room, however, seemed far heavier than it should have been.  Officers tipped the sofa on its back and located the suspect fully concealed within a storage bin hidden in the sofa. He was arrested without incident.

During the clearing sweep officers found three firearms in plain view.  Notable was the positioning of the Sig in a bookcase in the living room.  It was less than four feet from the floor and reachable by the 3 year old girl.  The girl, in fact, pointed out all three locations where “Daddy” keeps his guns.  All firearms were taken into police custody pending DV charges.

The suspect was booked into King County Jail for DV Assault.