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Ipad tracking program led officers to straight to robbery suspect

A man was beaten and robbed of his ipad. On 06-15-2013, just shortly before 11:00 p.m., the victim was walking through Freeway Park smoking a cigarette. The victim was approached by two men who asked him for a cigarette.

The victim gave both men a cigarette and then one of them produced a can of chemical agent and pointed it at the victim. The victim attempted to flee on foot but was caught by both the suspects and knocked to the ground.

The suspects demanded the victim’s phone and wallet. The suspect gave up his computer bag which contained his ipad. The suspects rifled through that and took the victim’s ipad and then went through the victim’s back pockets demanding his wallet and phone. They were not successful at retrieving those items and the suspects fled on foot.

The victim had a tracking program for his ipad. After calling 911 he began tracking the device. An officer arrived and coordinated the search with the victim and had numerous officers respond to the area to conduct a search.

Officers working a VPEP patrol responded to the area and located the suspect still holding on to the ipad. The suspect attempted to conceal some brass knuckles in a trash container. The victim positively identified the subject as one of the suspects who violently robbed him. The victim also identified his ipad with the security code.

The suspect was processed and later booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.  Officers recovered an ID card off of the suspect that did not belong to him. The suspect told officers that the ID belong to the other suspect involved in this incident. The 23-year-old suspect  already has two robbery convictions plus various other crimes in his criminal history.

Suspect 2 is still at large.