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Woman pushes stroller out of path of vehicle

A woman pushing a stroller was struck by a vehicle. Today just shortly after 6:00 p.m., officers responded to Lake Park Dr. S and S. McClellan St to a report of a collision involving a vehicle and two pedestrians.

According to witnesses the vehicle was W/B on S. McClellan St stopped at the 3-way stop.  The pedestrian was S/B in the crosswalk at Lake Park Dr. pushing a stroller with a 1-year- old infant.  The driver did not see the pedestrian and accelerated through the intersection.

The pedestrian saw the vehicle approaching and attempted to push the stroller out of the way.  The pedestrian was struck by the vehicle and thrown onto the hood of the vehicle, breaking the windshield, before falling to the ground.

The vehicle brushed the stroller, knocking it over.  The child was strapped in the stroller tight enough that she did not fall out of the stroller or get struck by the vehicle.  Seattle Fire Department responded to the scene and checked the pedestrian and infant.  The pedestrian was transported to HMC for a possible broken or dislocated shoulder.  The infant sustained no injuries.