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Cyclist, Motorist Team Up to Take Down Bike-Stealing, Rock-Hurling Hooligan

Batman and Robin, Troy and Abed, Milo and Otis. Who needs ’em? Seattle’s got its own dynamic duo.

A cyclist and a motorist teamed up Monday afternoon to take down 53-year-old thief after he stole a bike and started throwing rocks at his victims.

Around 1:30 pm, the bike-owner was working in his yard near Rainier Avenue and S. Kenyon when the suspect walked past the victim’s house and stole his bicycle out of the yard.

The victim chased after the suspect and caught up to him near 48th Ave S and S Fontanelle, where the victim reclaimed his bike.

The suspect, apparently unwilling to go down without a fight, grabbed several large rocks and hurled them at the victim.

Just then, a man drove by the scene and stopped to ask the victim if he needed him to call 911. The suspect punched the motorist’s car and began winding up to throw more rocks.

Working in tandem, the cyclist and the motorist were able to flag down an officer, who arrested the suspect and booked him into the King County Jail for assault and robbery.