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SPD Detectives Arrest Fellow Detective for Felony Domestic Violence

A Seattle Police detective is in jail after an investigation into reports that he cyber stalked and stole the identity of a woman he was intimately involved with.

The 43-year-old employee was apparently in a romantic relationship with the victim. The end of the relationship was reportedly less than amicable.

The victim went to the employee’s home on July 17 to confront him in front of his family. The officer allegedly retaliated by creating a salacious facebook alias purporting to be her.

Later the same day, the victim made an in person complaint to the Seattle Police Office of Professional Accountability (OPA). The victim told investigators that the counterfeit facebook page caused her fear and embarrassment.

Due to the criminal nature of the complaint, OPA investigators turned the case over to detectives in the Special Operations Bureau. These detectives worked the case over the next several days, developing probable cause and identifying and collecting evidence. Detectives also de-activated the ersatz facebook page.

Detectives arrested the employee this morning. He was cooperative and the arrest occurred without incident. The employee surrendered his badge and gun. Detectives booked him into the Snohomish County Jail for Investigation of Identity Theft/Domestic Violence – Cyberstalking.

Detectives continue to investigate whether or not the employee assaulted the victim during the July 17 confrontation.

Detectives are working with the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office because the crimes occurred in Snohomish County.

The OPA will actively monitor the on-going criminal case for developments. Upon the conclusion of the criminal case, OPA will proceed with a separate administrative investigation into the officer’s conduct.

The employee has 17 years of service with our department. He was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau at the time of the incident.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave. If he is charged with a felony, his status will change to unpaid administrative leave.