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Man chased and beaten on Capitol Hill

Man chased and beaten by group of people. This morning, just shortly after midnight, officers responded to a reported assault that occurred near the 200 block of Summit Av E. The victim was located in the parking lot of the Starbuck’s at 1600 E. Olive Way. The victim stated that he had been walking east bound when he was approached by a group of suspects, 2 females and 3 males. The victim stated that the group began calling him derogatory names about his sexual orientation.  The victim began running east bound pursued by the group.

The suspects eventually caught the victim and assaulted him. The victim sustained a broken nose, minor lacerations to his face, and knee abrasions. He was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

The 37-year-old victim had been drinking and could only provide the vaguest of descriptions for the suspects. The suspects were last seen north bound on Summit Ave E.

 The suspects are described as (2) white females and three (3) white males.

An area check was conducted with negative results.