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More On This Morning’s Officer-Involved Shooting of Bus Gunman (Updated)

Update: The suspect has died. His body has been turned over to the King County Medical Examiner.

Seattle police shot a gunman Monday morning after the man shot a bus driver and led police on a brief chase through downtown Seattle.

Homicide/Assault Detectives are now investigating the incident, which began 8:45 AM when three men climbed aboard a #27 Metro bus through the back door near 3rd Avenue and Union Street.

When the bus driver told the men to come to the front of the bus and pay, two of the men exited the bus.

The third man walked up to the front, where he attacked and then shot the driver.

After the shooting, a crowd of people ran to two off-duty SPD sergeants working in the area, told them about the shooting, and pointed out the suspect, who fled the bus.

One of the sergeants stayed with the wounded bus driver while the other sergeant and three patrol officers, who had just arrived on scene, began chasing the suspect.

As police chased after the suspect, he unsuccessfully tried to carjack at least one motorist before he climbed aboard a second Metro bus.

The driver and some of the passengers were evacuating the bus as officers confronted the suspect.

Officers then shot the suspect, who was taken to Harborview with critical injuries.

During this morning’s incident, the suspect repeatedly pointed the gun at police and pulled the trigger of his handgun at least once, although police are still investigating whether the man’s gun went off.

The bus driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the incident.

Several other people were injured during the incident—including a female bus passenger who sustained minor bruises while evacuating the second bus—as well as a 32-year-old officer, who sustained minor cuts, and a 50-year-old officer who was taken to Harborview for treatment for a medical condition.

Four officers involved in this morning’s incident have been administratively reassigned to home with pay, which is department procedure in all officer-involved shootings.

The chase and officer-involved shooting took place over a span of about seven minutes.

Detectives are still looking for witnesses to this morning’s incidents, and are especially interested obtaining video (cell phone or otherwise) of the foot chase. If you have video of this morning’s events, please contact the Homicide Tip Line at (206) 233-5000.