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Viaduct Uninjured By Late Night Gun Fire

The Alaskan Way Viaduct—already facing imminent destruction and the constant, monotonous droning of a boring machine—suffered yet another indignity Sunday night when it was shot during a very strange robbery.

Just before midnight, officers were called to Alaskan Way and Union Street after receiving that two men and a woman had been attacked and relieved of a shotgun under the viaduct.

The victims said they were just hanging out by their Subaru under the viaduct in the middle of the night when three men approached them.

At some point during the encounter, the female victim told officers she was chatting with the men and decided to show off a shotgun she had stowed in her car.

After showing off her gun under the viaduct in the middle of the night, the woman loaded it back into the car. That’s when one of the suspects started punching the woman, before he grabbed the shotgun out of the car and fired it into the viaduct’s concrete underbelly.

The two other suspects then attacked the woman’s comrades before the trio of suspects fled with the gun.

The victims didn’t give a clear indication about whether they knew the suspects or not (although they did provide officers with a phone number for one man) and kept changing their stories about the incident.

Officers searched the area for the suspects, but weren’t able to find the suspects.

The victims sustained a few scrapes in the incident, but were otherwise uninjured.

Same goes for the viaduct, which was not seriously damaged in the incident.