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Adorable Dog Commandeers SPD Scooter During Storm

A local adorable dog has been released from custody after commandeering a Seattle Police Department parking enforcement scooter earlier this week to escape from a storm.

FOTE63BAfter finishing his rounds in the Leschi neighborhood Tuesday, Parking Enforcement Officer Stan Estaban walked back to his scooter amidst thunder, lightning and pouring rain. As Estaban sat in the relatively dry confines of his scooter, a big soggy dog bounded up onto his lap.

Estaban climbed out from underneath his new friend and tried to shoo the dog out of the scooter, but he wouldn’t budge.

A group of walkers informed PEO Estaban they had seen the dog trailing behind them earlier, and said he appeared to be quite frightened by the storm.

The dog had a collar but no tags, so Estaban called for an Animal Control officer and turned the heat up in his scooter to keep the dog comfortable during the wait, and another PEO brought by some dog biscuits.

Animal Control officers came to collect the dog and were able to reunite him with his owner on Wednesday.