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Officer Settles Cat Ownership Dispute Without Sawing Anything In Half

Police were called to settle an intense Monday night cat fight between two North Seattle neighbors, who were both laying claim to the same feline.

At the scene, the man and woman in the dispute—who both live in the 700 block of N. 46th St.—offered up a bit more information about their alleged pet.

The man told officers he was sure it was his cat, and informed them it had been implanted with an ID microchip. The woman, however, told police her cat did not have a chip.

With that info in hand, officers took the cat to a 24-hour vet, who determined the cat was not micro-chipped.

Officers then returned the cat to the woman, the apparent rightful owner.

Then, of course, after all of that, the man realized the cat in question had a tuft of white hair, unlike his actual cat.

Something something purrfect ending.