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Man Flies Into Rage After Being Asked to Pay For Third Tub of Ranch Dip

After learning that the first two packets of ranch dressing were free but that he would have to pay for a third, a customer at the Ballard Jack In the Box flew into a rage and attacked a 68-year-old man.

It was just before 12:30 PM when the suspect walked up to the counter of the Jack in the Box in the 900 block of Leary Way and asked a clerk for some ranch dip.

The cashier obliged the man’s request and provided two packets of dip, but the man demanded a third.

After the clerk told him another packet would cost 25 cents, the man became incensed and began yelling about how he was being overcharged.

In an attempt to prevent the man from causing a scene, the cashier provided the suspect a third container. This did little to calm the suspect.

When a 68-year-old patron overheard the man hassling the cashier and stepped in, the suspect shoved the 68-year-old man to the ground. The 68-year-old was not seriously injured.

The suspect left the store, grumbled something about how he had a knife, climbed onto a purple bike and rode off down the street.