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Men Caught With Backpack Full of No Parking Signs Admit They Probably Shouldn’t Have a Backpack Full of No Parking Signs

If you had trouble figuring out where not to park in downtown Seattle on Friday night, we know who’s to blame.

Just before 10 pm Friday evening, police received a report that two men were taking down No Parking signs in an alleyway just off 1st Avenue and Pike Street.

Officers arrived on scene and contacted the suspects, who were standing next to an unzipped backpack with several no parking signs inside.

The two men—who are 20 and 21 years old—admitted they shouldn’t have the signs, but couldn’t give police any reason for why they’d taken them.

Officers identified the men, confirmed and recorded their contact information, and informed them they would be referring the case for prosecution.

Officers then released the men at the scene and took the signs to an employee at a nearby business, who said they would reattach them in the morning.