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Robber claimed to be Police

The victim was robbed by a man claiming to be Seattle Police.  On 10/13/13, just shortly after 2:00 a.m., the victim had just parked and was seated in a rented vehicle at 420 Blanchard St when he was approached by the suspect.  The suspect shined a flashlight at him through the windshield and said, “Seattle Police, give me your driver’s license and registration.” 

While the suspect was demanding information he appeared to be making gestures as if talking on a radio.  When the victim rolled his window down, the suspect demanded money from him.  The victim stepped out of the vehicle and the suspect punched him with a closed fist twice on the left side of the face. 

The victim grabbed his phone to call the police and the suspect took the phone from his hand. The suspect demanded money in return for the phone.  The victim refused and ran from the scene and called police.    

The suspect is described as a black male, late 30s-40s, stocky build, black/gray beard wearing a denim jacket with blue jeans and a hat.

The victim sustained a bloody lip and swollen chin. An area check for the suspect was negative.