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Car Prowlers Fleeing the Scene of the Crime Get into a Knife Fight Landing Them Both in the Hospital

Two men sustain life-threatening injuries after getting into an altercation while fleeing the scene of a car prowl.

On October 31st at approximately 9:16 p.m. officers responded to reports of a stabbing at MLK Jr. Way South and South Hanford Street.  Preliminary investigation indicates that two adult male suspects broke into a car parked near South Hanford Street and Moorse Avenue South.  The two suspects fled the car prowl scene on foot running down a stairwell to the west of where the car was parked.  The two suspects ran into two adult males who happened to be sitting on the stairwell drinking beer.  A verbal altercation ensued between the two groups of men.

At that point one of the car prowl suspects produced a weapon and stabbed one of the men who had been sitting on the stairs (the victim).  When the victim yelled out to his friend that he had just been stabbed, his friend produced a knife and stabbed both of the car prowl suspects, inflicting life-threatening injuries upon them.

The two car prowl suspects then ran off and were located and detained by officers near MLK Jr. Way South and South Hanford Street.  Officers also located and detained the victim and his friend.

Fire department medics responded to the scene to evaluate and treat all four involved men.

The two car prowl suspects and the victim were all transported to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.  The fourth man was treated and released at the scene by medics.  He was subsequently transported to police headquarters where detectives interviewed and released him pending further investigation.

Officers recovered a knife and a screwdriver believed to have been used in the assaults.  They were placed into evidence for further forensic testing.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.