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Family dog comes to rescue of homeowner being attacked by robbers

Robbery Detectives are investigating a home invasion robbery in North Seattle this morning.  On 11-13-13, at approximately 3:30 a.m., Victim-1 called 911 to report a home invasion robbery at her house in the 9700 block of 3rd Av NW. The victim stated that she heard a noise outside of her room and went to see what was going on.

When she pulled back the curtain that separated her room from the rest of the house she was immediately confronted by Suspect-1. Before the victim could ask who was there, she was pepper sprayed in the face. The victim fell backward into the kitchen and knocked over her dog’s water dish. The suspect then pepper sprayed the victim again, as she lay on the floor screaming.

The victim’s dog then attacked Suspect-1. The suspect kicked and pepper sprayed the dog. Victim-1 then saw Suspect-2 in the hallway carrying a safe that was in her brother’s bedroom.

Victim-1 yelled for her father (Victim-2) who was in a back bedroom. He came out of his bedroom and was immediately confronted by suspect-1 who pulled out a silver handgun and pointed it at him.

The suspect asked Victim-2 where the “STUFF” was. Victim-2 told the suspect that there was no money in the house. The suspect then demanded Victim-1’s phone.  She handed the phone to her dad, who gave it to the suspect. Victim-1 had attempted to call 911 from this phone just before the suspect demanded it. The suspects fled and both victims retreated to the back bedroom where Victim-3 was hiding.

Once in the bedroom they were able to re-dial 911 using a different phone. Officers responded within seconds of the call being broadcast. Officers arrived and conducted an area search for the suspects with negative results.  Robbery Detectives also responded and processed the scene.

Seattle Fire responded and treated the victims for pepper spray exposure. The dog appeared to be fine.

Suspect 1 is described as unknown race male, 6’00 feet tall, 190 pounds, 18-21 years old, wearing a dark bandana and dark hoody.

Suspect 2 is described as unknown race male, 6’00 feet tall, 190 pounds, 22-29 years old.

The investigation continues.