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Man with Knife Attacks Medics in Pioneer Square

A man armed with a folding knife began chasing after medics as they were attempting to treat another patient in the back of their medic unit last night in Pioneer Square.

At around 8:45 last night, SFD medics had responded to 2 Avenue Extension South and South Main Street for an unrelated medical issue.  The medics were treating the patient in the back of the medic rig when the unknown male began pounding on the back of the unit, stating he wanted to talk to his friend.  The medics opened the door and the suspect began waving an open folding knife at them.  The medics jumped out of the unit  in an effort to get away from the suspect.  The suspect then began to chase the medics around as they called SPD for assistance.  A Metro bus driver who happened to be driving by stopped to assist as well.  The medics and the driver were able to knock the suspect and the knife to the ground and detain him until officers arrived.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the encounter and the medics were able to resume care of the patient in the back of their medic unit.  The adult male suspect was arrested and later booked into the King County Jail.