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Large fight disturbances and a shooting during bar closing at Pioneer Square night club

A man was shot in the foot during a large fight disturbance at an area nightclub. On 11/30/13, at approximately 2:28 a.m., 9-1-1 began receiving calls about a large fight disturbance in the parking lot outside of Club Volume, 172 S. Washington St (associated with their closing time). Shortly thereafter, callers reported shots fired. Officers quickly arrived in the area. Witnesses were less than forthcoming with information, and it appeared initially that there were no victims.

After officers were on scene for 12 minutes, the staff of Club Volume informed them that they had a victim inside the club who had been shot in the foot; officers’ summoned SFD for a minor gunshot wound to the toes of one foot. The victim was transported to HMC with minor injuries.

The victim, a 32-year-old male, was a liquor distributor/promoter who was working at the club.  He told officers that he had gone outside to his vehicle to get more liquor, when he saw large fight disturbances in the parking lots on both the north and south side of the block. He heard shots, and ran back into the club – at which point he realized his foot was injured.

Officers were unable to determine the location from which the shots were fired; witness accounts were vague and conflicting, and an extensive search by several officers revealed no evidence. (A shoe thought to be covered in blood turned out to be red dye from pepper spray, from one of the many fights that were going on.)

No suspect information is available and there were no other victims or property damage reported. The investigation continues.

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