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Update**Harbor Patrol investigating how a man ended up in the water this morning in South Seattle

A man was rescued from the water this morning near Spinnacker Bay. A woman, who also may have been in the water, is  still missing.  On 1/1/14, just shortly after 4:00 a.m., the complainant reported that he heard a male and female in the water yelling for assistance. Officers and SFD arrived at Spinnaker Bay-9500 Rainier Av S and was able to rescue a man from the water. He had abrasions on his face, neck, and chest and he had two swollen eyes.

The victim stated that he was running from a female and she also was in the water. He was unable to say how he got in the water and claimed that did not know the name of the female who was in the water with him. He told officers that he had not been assaulted

The man appeared to be intoxicated, and kept changing his story.  SFD divers searched the water but they were unable to locate anyone else.

SPD HBR 10 responded and checked the area but they also did not locate anyone in the water. The U.S. Coast Guard was advised about the incident.

Detectives interviewed the man in the water and he admitted that he lied about his girlfriend or anyone else being in the water with him. Detectives contacted the man’s girlfriend and she is fine. SPD Harbor unit used sonar to search the water and confirmed that no one else was in the water.