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Shuttle Van Runs Over Skateboarder

A skateboarder sustained a broken arm and other minor injuries after being run over by a shuttle van.  On 1/2/14, just shortly before 5:00 p.m., officers responded with Seattle Fire (SFD) to a report of a shuttle van/skateboarder collision at 9 Av/Denny Wy.

SFD indicated that the man possibly had a broken arm in addition to numerous bumps, scrapes and abrasions.   Investigating officers ascertained that the man on the skateboard was riding the skateboard E/B on the south sidewalk of Denny Way. He was riding the skateboard by lying on his back, feet forward.

That portion of Denny Wy has a downhill grade and as a result the skateboarder was travelling at a good speed. At about the same time, a shuttle bus was travelling E/B on Denny Wy and on the street adjacent to the sidewalk the skateboarder was travelling on.

At about 9th Av, the van driver made a right turn into the path of the skateboarder, who rolled under the van at the right-front wheel.  The van driver never saw the skateboarder and ran over him with the right-front tire.  Once the van driver felt the van go over the skateboarder, he stopped.

SFD determined that the man’s injuries were non-life threatening.   The man on the skateboard was transported to HMC in an AMR ambulance.

The investigation continues.