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Double Agent Arrested After Trying to Skip Out On $200 Fish and Scotch Dinner Bill

After attacking wait staff and skipping out on the bill for a pricey Scotch and fish dinner Saturday at a South Lake Union restaurant, a 35-year-old Seattle man could be on the hook for some jail time. His purported dual membership in the “Sicilian Mafia” and “CIA” could also be in jeopardy.

By 5:30 pm Saturday, the man had racked up a hefty bill at the World Sports Grille—near Westlake Ave and Aloha Street—after ordering four “very expensive” Scotch whiskeys and a plate of fish and chips.

When the man’s $226.92 dinner bill came, he tried to pay with a credit card which was repeatedly declined. The man told restaurant staff he could leave his laptop and car keys as collateral, but the wait staff refused the man’s offer and told him he needed to pay. Then, witnesses say, the man’s behavior then took a “bizarre and erratic” turn.

The suspect first informed staff members he was a member of the “Sicilian mafia” and threatened to come back to the bar and “whack” everyone. Then, in another tirade, the man informed employees that he is also a member of the CIA.

With his keen CIA/Mafia training, the suspect was apparently able to detect that restaurant staff were unimpressed, so he made a run for the restaurant’s exit.

A staff member tried to get in front of the suspect to block him from leaving, but the suspect took a swing at the staff member, who was able to dodge the suspect’s punch.

The suspect was able to make it out the restaurant’s door and fled down the street, pursued by a handful of restaurant employees.

Restaurant staff were able to catch up to the man and detained him as they called police.

When officers arrived, they found the suspect lying spread-eagle on the ground, surrounded by restaurant employees, who also showed police a “significant amount of spit” the suspect had deposited on one employee’s shirt.

As officers took the suspect into custody, he informed the staff that “this isn’t over” and announced he would return to the restaurant.

Officers booked the 35-year-old man into the King County Jail for theft, assault, and harassment.