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Man Robbed Downtown, Bike Officers Chase and Catch Suspect

Bicycle officers at 2nd and Pike witnessed a man being assaulted and robbed.  They immediately gave chase, catching the main suspect and arresting a friend of his who tried to interfere with the arrest.

Last night, at 10:20 pm, West Precinct bike officers were in the 1500 Block of 2nd Avenue when they saw three black males surround a man who was standing in the alcove of a business.  The suspects began punching and kicking the man, and one of the suspects grabbed cash from the man’s hand.  The suspects then walked away on foot.  Officers immediately responded, tending to the victim and giving chase to the group that was running.  One of the officers took the main suspect into custody, following a brief chase through the alley.  During the pursuit, a group of about 20-30 people who were loitering near 3rd and Pine, came down to the 200 Block of Pine, alerted by the officer’s loud verbal commands to the suspect to stop.  One person, a 20-year-old woman, who officers later found out was a friend of the suspect, ran into the alley and stepped in the path of the arresting bike officer’s path as he pursued the suspect.  The woman “body checked” the officer as he rode past, almost knocking him from his bike.  The woman was later arrested for obstructing.  Officers recovered the stolen $75.00 cash from the 24-year-old male suspect.  The victim declined any medical attention.  The male suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for robbery.  The other suspects were not located.