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Police Work Interrupted by Music Video Shoot

Just before 1 PM Monday, police were out doing police work—rushing from traffic collisions to assault calls to car prowls—when they received reports of a man with a rifle crouched on the roof of a building at 8th Avenue and Madison Street.

Officers arrived at the scene and quickly raced to the top of the building as police on the ground radioed that as many as six suspects were on the roof of the building carrying rifles and handguns.

Officers contacted the group on the roof, where they found a man in tactical clothing and a tactical vest—who was carrying two ammunition magazines and a rifle—and five other people, two of whom were carrying pistols.

Police quickly determined all the guns were very realistic-looking replicas, and that the group had scaled a fire escape and climbed to the roof of the building to film a music video.

Officers cautioned the group about the dangers of trespassing and shooting un-permitted music videos with realistic-looking weapons, and released them from the scene.

Remember, kids, the Seattle Office of Film and Music is here to help you with all your music video permitting needs.