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Police Investigating Early Morning Carjacking In the Central District

An employee at a Central District nightclub told police he was carjacked by two men as he was leaving work early this morning.

The victim got off work at about 4 AM and walked to his car on 14th and E. Jefferson St, where two men approached him and asked for a cigarette.

As the victim was reaching for a cigarette, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the victim’s head, and demanded the victim’s car keys.

After the victim handed the suspects the keys, they quickly jumped in the victim’s silver Honda Civic and started to drive away.

The victim told officers he jumped onto the hood of his car and held on for several blocks until the suspect driving the car slammed on the brakes, sending the victim flying into the street near 12th and Jefferson. The suspects then sped away.

After the suspects drove off, the victim was able to flag down officers who called for medics to treat the victim’s injured arm. 

After medics treated the victim at the scene, he said he would go to the hospital on his own. He only provided police with was only a vague description of the suspects—describing them as black males in their mid-20s—and declined to provide officers with any specifics about any property kept inside his stolen car.