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Robbery Detectives Reunite Stolen Dog to 79-Year-Old Woman

Robbery detectives have reunited a 79-year-old woman with her stolen dog, Winston, after two suspects attacked the woman and dognapped Winston near Bitter Lake two weeks ago.


On May 1st, the victim was walking her dog, Winston, in a parking lot near N. 130th Street and Linden Avenue N. when a man and woman ran up to her and grabbed the dog’s leash.

The 79-year-old victim tried to hold on to the leash, but the suspects shoved her to the ground, grabbed the dog, and ran off. The victim told officers the female suspect yelled “it’s my dog” as she fled.

The victim was left with cuts, bruises, an injured shoulder and a broken heart.

The victim was able to provide officers with a good description of the female suspect—which included her first name, and details like “very pregnant” and “pink hair”—and told police she’d previously had a run-in with the suspect, who claimed to be the rightful owner of the victim’s dog.

The victim said she had owned the dog for several years after finding him abandoned near Aurora Avenue.

With the victim’s description of the suspect, detectives in the robbery unit were able to identify the woman with the help of US Marshals.

After detectives found the female suspect was living in Wenatchee, they called her and convinced her to bring the dog back to Seattle Police Headquarters, where she met with robbery detectives Wednesday.

After informing the suspect she could still be facing robbery charges, detectives released the woman and took custody of Winston.

Detectives gave Winston water and half a sandwich and then drove him home. According to detectives, Winston was clearly delighted to be back home with his owner.