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Graffiti Detective Investigating After Vandals Trash Gasworks Park

SPD’s graffiti detective is working to identify members of a large group of vandals—possibly dozens of teens—who left spraypainted tags on walls, machinery and picnic benches in Gasworks Park Monday night.

Officers arrived at Gasworks around 10:45 PM Monday night after receiving a report of a large group of teenagers—possibly as many as 40 to 50—partying at the park.

The large group of teens scattered as they spotted officers, leaving behind a number of open bottles of alcohol and great deal of graffiti.

Police weren’t able to catch any of the teens at the scene, but did recover some evidence in the park. SPD’s graffiti investigator is now investigating the incident, which caused at least $8,000* in damage.

Parks officials say this is one of the largest cases of vandalism in a city park.

If you have any information which could help identify these vandals, email SPD graffiti detective Chris Young at or call 206-684-5534.

*Update: Parks officials have tallied the damage and believe it will cost at least $8,000 to restore the park to its original, un-graffitied state.