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Dealer Threatens to “Stomp” Pot Shop Staff After They Catch Him Poaching Patrons

Staff at a SoDo marijuana store told police Saturday that a man seen selling pot out of the back of his Buick threaten to “stomp” an employee who confronted him about poaching the pot shop’s customers.

Employees at Cannabis City—one of the 21 stores in Seattle licensed to sell state-taxed marijuana after the passage of I-502—told police they’ve seen the suspect on several occasions, offering business cards to customers queued up in front of the store, promising a “good selection” of different types of pot.

A Cannabis City employee spotted the suspect just before 8 PM Saturday night, standing next to the open trunk of his maroon Buick Century, parked in front of the pot shop.

When the staff member approached the suspect, he snarled “do you have a problem” before threatening to “stomp out” the employee.

The employee called 911, but the suspect hopped in his Buick and sped away before officers arrived. Police searched the area, but weren’t able to locate the man or his Buick.