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Drunk Burglar Arrested After Rushing Fraternity Brothers

After being caught breaking into a home in the University of Washington’s Greek Row late Monday night, a very drunk burglar fell down several times and told police he had “lost all use” of his body before asking officers to carry him out of the fraternity, which happens to host something called a “balanced man” program.

Police were called to the fraternity house in the 4600 block of 21st Avenue NE around 11 PM last night after a resident caught the suspect climbing through a bathroom window. The burglar rushed at a resident of the home, sparking a struggle before members of the fraternity subdued the suspect and called police.

Officers arrived at the home and found the suspect lying face down on the ground, with a group of fraternity members standing around him.

As police spoke with the suspect, he kept nodding off and falling over. He then informed officers he was “extremely” intoxicated and had “lost all use” of his body.

Medics checked the suspect out at the scene, and said he was not too drunk to go to jail. After the suspect stumbled and fell to the ground several times, officers asked the man if he wanted them to carry him to their car. “Yes, please” the suspect replied.

Four officers escorted the suspect to their patrol car and drove him to the North Precinct. On the way to the precinct, the suspect urinated and vomited in a patrol car, and then once again in a holding cell at the precinct.

Police later booked him into the King County Jail for investigation of burglary.