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Police Get ‘Two Birds With One Stone’ While Making Downtown Robbery Arrest

A “you can’t make this stuff up” incident unfolded Saturday afternoon Downtown when officers arrest four robbers and find a backpack with a surprise inside.

A plainclothes officer working downtown saw a group of four young men assault a single man, pummeling him with kicks and punches. The victim managed to escape the apparent robbery with his property intact.

Undeterred the four suspects gave chase catching the victim again, this time taking the man’s backpack just as officers swooped in and arrested the four juvenile suspects. Oddly, the victim who was now safe fled the area without collecting his property.

Hoping to return the property to its rightful owner the befuddled officers opened the backpack in hopes of locating something identifiable. Instead the officers found a large quantity of hallucinogenic mushrooms, likely explaining the victim/suspects flight from the area.

Officers booked the four juveniles in to the King County Youth Service Center on investigation of robbery. The wayward backpack will not be returned to the owner, but will remain in police custody.