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Unhappy Meals: Police Investigating Three Assaults at Seattle Burger Joints

This week was a royale (with cheese) pain-in-the-ground-chuck for employees and customers at Seattle burger joints, with a full order of complaints, spittle and a weaponized milkshake.

The smorgasbord of assaults started around lunch time Monday when the manager of a restaurant in the 13200 block of Aurora Avenue North noticed a woman wearing a black jacket, black and white skirt and high black boots climbing the counter next to his fountain machine. He asked her to leave. She argued and spit in his face. Officers located the suspect who admitted “Yeah, I spit in his face a little bit. Not a lot, a little.” A possible assault charge is pending.

A couple hours later, a customer in the drive-thru at a restaurant in the 2400 block of 4th Avenue South, complained there was a problem with her fries and wanted new ones. The fast food employee asked for her container back so the customer would not get a new set of promotional game pieces. Instead of handing over her container of fries, the customer threw her milkshake through the window, hitting the worker in the leg. He wasn’t injured.

On Tuesday afternoon police were called to restaurant in the 4500 block of University Way NE where a victim got more than she expected after returning a soggy burger for a refund. The victim got into a heated argument that ended with the employee throwing the refund, change included, at the customer, striking her chest and hands. Police advised the worker that he can’t refund money that way. The customer told officers she plans to pursue an assault charge.

No one was arrested in the incidents, but officers did identify suspects in each case for possible charges.