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Leschi Rooster Dispute Ends With Dinner Plans

Days after moving into the Leschi neighborhood, a man called police and said he was chagrined by fowl noises coming from a nearby home.

When officers arrived at the man’s home near East Alder Street and Erie Avenue around 8:15 Sunday morning they quickly identified the culprit.

“I could plainly hear the suspect rooster crowing,” Officer Elizabeth Consalvi wrote in her report of the incident. “The noise from the rooster was loud, raucous, frequent, continuous and repetitive.”

The rooster, Officer Consalvi wrote, was clearly in violation of Seattle’s noise laws. Futhermore, the cockerel also appeared to be in violation of the city’s stringent chicken restrictions, which—with some rare exceptions—prohibit Seattle residents from owning roosters.

Police contacted rooster’s owner, who told officers that up until last week, he “believed that the suspect chicken was a female.”

The owner then informed officers the bird would not be an issue much longer, as he planned to eat the rooster later that week.