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Officers Arrest Georgetown Booze Burglar

Officers chased down and arrested a 37-year-old man who broke into a Georgetown restaurant and stole three bottles of liquor Tuesday night.

The burglar set off an alarm when he broke into the restaurant in the 6900 block of Carleton Avenue South around 8:30 PM. Officers quickly arrived and saw the suspect leaving through the front door. The burglar fled when he spotted the patrol car. Police chased after him on foot. The suspect tried to scale a fence but, weighed down by his libations, failed. He fell to the ground and into the grasp of officers.

One bottle of whiskey in his backpack survived, but a bottle of tequila and a container of whiskey both broke and drained. The suspect had also stolen a small amount of change from the cash register, which was returned to the restaurant owners. Officers booked the man into King County Jail on investigation of burglary and an outstanding warrant.