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Protest Turns Violent on Capitol Hill

A group of protestors threw rocks at officers, broke vehicle and local business windows as demonstrators marched throughout Capitol Hill.

Protestors began to assemble at Seattle Central College late in the evening before they started marching first north then southbound on Broadway.

Around 11 p.m. a demonstrator threw paint at a SPD vehicle. Moments later, another demonstrator hurled a rock through the window of a police vehicle, breaking the glass and striking the driving officer in the face with the rock. (Damage Pictured Below)

The officer was later treated by Medics for minor injuries.

Officers halted the protester at 12 Ave and Pike Street as they attempted to walk to the East precinct. The demonstrators began to run throughout the Pike-Pine corridor with officers watching closely.  During the fracas some demonstrators broke a plate glass window at a local business on 12th Avenue.

Police were unable to locate the specific individuals from within the crowd committing the crimes, but continued to follow and monitor the group.

Protestors continued to run throughout Capitol Hill eventually breaking up into numerous smaller groups before finally dispersing.

SPD Vehicle Damaged by Protestors

SPD Vehicle Damaged by Protestors