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Fremont Robbery Suspect Sought After Bungled Stickup

A man mugged by armed robber in Fremont early Thursday managed to turn the table by taking away his attacker’s gun.

The victim told police he was walking in the 300 block of Northwest 41st Street at 12:30 AM when a man approached from behind and demanded his, “stuff.”  The victim said, “no” and the attacker replied, “Well at least give me your wallet then.”

When the victim refused again, the mugger pulled out a gun and demanded the wallet. The victim complied but asked for his ID card back. The robber considered this and agreed, but fumbled around trying to hold the gun and remove the ID card from the wallet.

The victim, seeing an opportunity, ripped the handgun away from the suspect, aimed the gun at his attacker and demanded back his wallet. Instead, the suspect rushed the victim and the two fought over the gun. The victim was bitten in the leg and struck in the groin during the struggle.

A neighbor, hearing screams for help, called 911 and directed officers into the area. The mugger was able to separate himself from the struggle and run away. A K-9 officer attempted to track the suspect but was unable to find him.

Officers recovered the 9mm Glock and determined it had been stolen from a Kirkland address.