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Police Receive Increased Reports of Heroin Overdoses, Remind Public of “911 Samaritan” Law

Police and Seattle Fire Department medics have seen an increase today in the number of reported heroin overdoses, and would like to remind the public of a Washington State law designed to curb opiate overdose deaths.

As of 4 P.M. Monday, both police and fire officials received at least six reports of overdoses in North Seattle and downtown, requiring hospitalization.

Washington’s “Good Samaritan Law”  offers legal protection against drug possession charges to anyone who calls 911 to report an overdose. If you or anyone you know is overdosing on drugs, please remember you can call 911 for help without the fear of prosecution.

Anyone may also turn over heroin or other drugs to police for destruction by contacting officers via 911 or at one of our five precincts. Given these latest reports, if feel you need to use heroin, please don’t do so alone.

Please also visit for more information on preventing opioid overdose deaths.