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Officers Arrest Downtown Repeat Robber

Police arrested a man in connection with at least three downtown business robberies Saturday afternoon.

According to witnesses the suspect entered the downtown retailer shortly after 3 PM, grabbed several expensive items and began making his way toward the door. A manager confronted the suspect who smugly suggested the police be called because he was “armed and dangerous”. The store manager wisely acquiesced¬†and the suspect left retailer.

Officers arrived as the suspect was leaving the store, but lost sight of him in the Saturday afternoon crowds downtown. Suspicious of the suspect’s modus operandi, officers waited and spotted the robber two hour later at 3 Ave and Pike Street attempting to sell his pilfered products.

Officers arrested the man and through further investigation confirmed him as a suspect in at least two other similar robberies from downtown retailers. Police booked the 29-year-old man into King County Jail on three counts of investigation of robbery.