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Bodycam Captures Capitol Hill Emphasis Team Arresting Armed Teen Robber

Officers caught a group of teens with a loaded, stolen handgun early this morning on Capitol Hill after the teens started several brawls and tried to rob two men right in front of police. The arrest was caught on SPD bodycam.

East Precinct officers, working an emphasis patrol around Capitol Hill’s busy nightlife area, spotted the group of three teen suspects trying to pick fights as they walked through the Pike/Pine area just after midnight.

As officers pursued the teens, two men ran toward officers while shouting the suspects had tried to rob them at gunpoint.

Patrol officers–including Officer Anthony Ducre, who was equipped with a bodyworn video camera–caught up to the teen suspects in Cal Anderson Park and took them into custody.

Officers searched a 16-year-old in the group, they found a loaded gun tucked in his waistband. Police also found a large bag of marijuana (containing more than 32 grams) and more handgun ammunition in one suspect’s backpack.

Police booked the 16-year-old into the King County Youth Service Center for unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of stolen property and a warrant. They also booked an 18-year-old suspect for a felony warrant. Officers released a third 19-year-old member of the group after identifying him.