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Burglar Busted In Mom’s Car Unsuccessfully Tries to Bribe Cops

At some point, a 21-year-old man busted for a botched burglary in Matthews Beach Monday morning will have to explain to his mother why police towed her car. He may also have to explain to a judge why he unsuccessfully tried to bribe the officers who arrested him.

911 dispatchers received a call shortly after 3 AM from a woman, who whispered that someone was inside her house in the 11300 block of Riviera Place NE. The victim had locked herself inside an upstairs bedroom only have the suspect kick in the bedroom door. The victim yelled at the suspect and retreated into the bathroom as the suspect fled from the house.

Officer arrived and found the suspect near the home, along with a pillowcase filled with items taken in the break-in. Already under arrest and in a heap of trouble, the suspect told police this was the first time he’d ever committed a crime, and tried to bribe an officer into letting him go free. “Like, can I give you cash?” the suspect asked the officer, who reminded the man that he was being audio and video recorded by the patrol car’s camera system.

Officers impounded the suspect’s car—which actually belonged to his mother—from the scene and recovered a stolen TV from inside.

Detectives from the Major Crimes Task Force interviewed the man at the North Precinct before officers booked the 21-year-old man into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.