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Late Night Munchies Leads To Pursuit of Stolen Car

Detectives are searching for a pair of auto thieves after they led police through North Seattle early Saturday morning.

Two officers were ordering food at a drive-through restaurant at 1 AM in the 2100 block of N. Northgate Way when they noticed something odd, a stolen car in line directly in front of them. The officers called for reinforcements who arrived faster than the two people in the stolen car could get their food.  The driver of the stolen car suddenly swerved out of the line and tried exiting the restaurant parking lot. Backup officers had already blocked all exits trapping the car.  The car stopped momentarily while the driver yelled that the female passenger had a gun.  The stolen car suddenly sped backward ramming a patrol car six times before driving over a raised curb.  Officers pursued the stolen car for 15 blocks before the chase became too dangerous to continue.

The King County helicopter, Guardian One, spotted the stolen car parked not too far from where officers called off the pursuit.  As Officers closed in on the stolen car it took off again, eventually going south on I-5.  Guardian One saw the car exit in the Eastlake area and drop off the passenger who was seen running into a nearby wooded area.  The stolen car again sped away.  Patrol officers, Guardian One, and Harbor Patrol units scoured the area, but were unable to find the suspects or the car.