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Ricocheting Bullet Strikes Gas Line In Early-Morning Shooting

Police weren’t able to find any injured victims following an early-morning shooting in Rainier Beach, but officers did call firefighters to the scene after discovering a ricocheting bullet had caused a minor gas leak outside a business.

Officers responded to reports of gunfire in the 9400 block of 56th Avenue South around 1 AM where police found a bullet had struck the wall of a convenience store and ricocheted into a gas line.

Police called for firefighters, who arrived at the scene and turned off the gas as officers searched for the gunman. Police weren’t able to find any suspect, but did locate a bullet-riddled BMW in a nearby parking lot. The car’s hood was still warm, but the BMW’s driver was nowhere to be found.

Officers impounded the car and turned it over to Gang Unit detectives, who are investigating the case.