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Family Trip to Shooting Range a Misfire After Dad Pulls Gun on Motorist

A 35-year-old Burien man was on his way to a shooting range Tuesday, to celebrate his son’s birthday, when he was arrested for pulling a gun on another man during an apparent road rage incident.

A distraught motorist flagged down an officer near 4th Avenue and Holgate Street around 1 PM and said another driver had just brandished a handgun at him after an encounter at a stoplight a few blocks away.

The victim said the incident began when he was stopped at a red light on 1st Ave and S. Lander Street, next to a black Ford Expedition. When the light turned green, a third car blew through the intersection, cutting off the victim and the driver in the Expedition.

The victim honked at the third car as it sped away, and continued on. Moments later, the victim told police the driver of the Expedition pulled alongside him and brandished a handgun.

The victim pulled behind the Expedition and drove through SODO until both vehicles stopped near the Krispy Kreme at 1st Ave and Holgate Way. There, the Expedition driver stepped out of his vehicle, pistol in hand, approached the victim’s car and began shouting at him.

The victim drove away, flagged down an officer and reported the incident.

Officers found the Expedition at 18th Avenue S and S McLellan Street and contacted the driver, the 35-year-old Burien man, who was accompanied by his wife and child.

The man told police he was looking for a shooting range to take his child to for his birthday

The man claimed the victim was driving aggressively, had tried to “ram” his car, and was swerving all over the road. He repeatedly told officers he “felt scared for his life,” but did not indicate why he had gotten out of his car and confronted the victim in the parking lot of the doughnut shop.

Officers arrested the man and seized his handgun, and booked him into the King County Jail for harassment and unlawful use of weapons.