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Suspected Clothes-For-Heroin Deal Leads Officers to Stolen Computers

Bike Officers arrested a man involved in an apparent heroin-for-stolen-clothing exchange Monday night in Downtown Seattle.

Officers Matt Newsome and Britt Kelly were on patrol near 2nd Avenue and Stewart Street when they saw a group of men trading a collection of new clothing, still with tags, for a bag of heroin.

Police approached one of the men after he walked over to a car, and saw a package of five grams of heroin and a hypodermic needle lying on the vehicle’s back seat. Officers arrested the 34-year-old man and got a warrant to search the vehicle.

After searching the man and the car, officers found ID cards, blank checks, credit cards, computers, eight cellphones, and tablet computers. Two of the computers had been reported stolen in a car prowl two days earlier.

The suspect was booked in King County Jail for a felony warrant, possession of stolen property, and drug charges.