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Cops Beach Boat To Bring Kids Ashore

Harbor Officers helped three kayakers to shore Sunday when their group of 21 people ran into trouble on Lake Union.

Harbor Officers Eric Salisbury and Thoms Monroe responded to a report that a kayak had overturned in South Lake Union at 10:30 am.  Officers found and righted the kayak, and pulled a person from the water, and were advised there was a larger group having trouble navigating the waves and 40 mph winds.

The officers quickly found the group near Gas Works Park being thrown around by waves crashing against a retaining wall.  Several people on the shore were attempting to rescue the 21 kayakers, many of which were boys 8-12 years-old. Officers pulled two kayakers from a tandem boat. Harbor Officers ended up with three people on their boat while the rest of the group was on shore and in an effort to keep the group together, beached their own boat and brought them ashore.

Officers Salisbury and Monroe called for a second Harbor Patrol which towed their beached boat back into deeper water.