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Chief O’Toole on Latest Federal Monitor Report

The Seattle Police Department is encouraged by the Federal Monitor’s most recent report. The Monitoring Team noted progress SPD has made in improving relations with certain populations across Seattle, and in documenting, investigating and analyzing use of force. SPD officers continue to respond well to the “clear rules of the road” surrounding force.

The Monitor highlighted strides we’ve made around public perception of the police across our city. However, we recognize the need to continue to improve our relationships with all communities, but particularly communities of color. I give you my commitment that we will do so.

In our training, we’ve incorporated very important discussions about race and social justice. SPD continues to work to increase diversity in hiring, and foster relationships in minority communities through our Micro Community Policing Plans, Demographic Advisory Councils, and programs with our youth.

While SPD has moved forward with implementing many of the provisions of the Consent Decree, there is still much work to do. We will work tirelessly with our Federal partners and the Monitoring Team to enhance the public trust and continue to be the national model for reform.