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Officers Arrest Teens In Not-So-Great Train Robbery

Police tracked a group of suspects along the light rail line Monday night after they reportedly robbed a young man in Rainier Beach and tried to make their getaway on a train.

The 13-year-old victim of the robbery told police he was biking to the Rainier Beach light rail station around 7 PM when he passed by a group of young men near Rainier Avenue.

The group reportedly yelled at the victim, who kept on riding until he came to a stop at a traffic light at Martin Luther King Jr Way S. and S. Henderson Street.

As the victim was waiting at the light, he apparently missed his train and decided to head back home.

Before he could ride off, the group of three young men confronted the victim and told him to empty out his pockets. One of the suspects then pulled up his shirt, revealing what the victim believed was the handle of a pistol.

The victim handed over his cellphone phone and one leather glove to the suspects, who ordered him to accompany them to the light rail station and wait until the next train arrived.

When the next train pulled up to the platform, the three suspects boarded and headed northbound, leaving the victim behind. He contacted police and officers caught up to the train and followed it until the suspects exited at a stop on Martin Luther King Jr Way S. and S. Alaska Street.

Police took them into custody and found one of them was carrying a large bottle of bear mace with a black handle.

Officers were able to confirm two of the suspects–a 15 year old and 16 year old–were involved in the incident and booked them into the King County Youth Service Center for Investigation of Robbery. They released the 20-year-old pending further investigation.